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Why is being ISO9001 Compliant important to DataDot Technology?

Why is being ISO9001 Compliant Important to DataDot Technology?

Since 2001 when DataDot introduced the smallest, biggest, crime fighter – the microdot – to South Africa

we have stayed true to our core value of not only meeting but also exceeding customer expectations. In addition – becoming ISO9001 certified means we consistently manufacture a quality product.

ISO9001 is one the most recognisable certifications worldwide and has been implemented by just about all industries whether they are multi-national organisations or small businesses. There is an estimated one million industries that have achieved this status since it was released 30 years ago.  In becoming ISO9001 compliant various aspects of quality management are addressed. The standards provide direction and the tools for businesses who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer needs and expectations, and that quality is regularly improved.

At DataDot we believe:

Our CUSTOMER IS KING and we look at every opportunity to create more value for our customers by understanding their needs and expectations.

We continue to improve operational processes so that they are both effective and efficient.

All our products adhere to high levels of quality to ensure reliability, safety and consistency. DataDot are continuously looking for improvements and continue to meet all regulatory requirements.

Our staff are “Proudly DataDot” and have embraced all documented processes. They understand the importance of our customers and continue to actively manage customer relationships – monitoring and managing their satisfaction.

Our Senior Management are committed – creating shared values, establishing a culture of trust and integrity, ensuring all leaders within the organization are fair and ethical whilst encouraging, inspiring and recognising all staff contributions.

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