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Police Clearance

What is a RPC or Request for Police Clearance Certificate?

In addition to all manufactured and imported vehicles being fitted with microdots, legislation has also made it compulsory from September 2012 that vehicles, motorbikes, trailers, quads, tractors, trucks, mining equipment and construction equipment may need a Police Clearance Certificate if one of the following reasons apply :

  • Motor vehicle built-up from parts
  • Vehicle acquired outside boarders of Republic
  • Format of Chassis number/Chassis number is lacking
  • Duplicate Chassis number/Engine number
  • Chassis/Engine number altered, defaced or obliterated
  • Transfer of ownership (Registration certificate lost/owner or title holder not tracable)
  • Motor vehicle referred during roadworthiness examination
  • Condition of registration of vehicles by MIB/Registration of vehicle of MIB exempted from registration
  • Motor vehicle previously reported as stolen
  • Motor vehicle altered or re-constructed (including replacement of engine)
  • Export of motor vehicle (Police clearance required by other countries)
  • Required by MEC for purpose of registration (e.g. TBVC motor vehicle not in NaTIS, motor vehicle archived)
  • Registration of deregistered motor vehicle

A SARPCCO clearance is required if a vehicle is exported to one of the following SARPCCO countries – Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The RPC Procedure is designed to ensure that vehicle information captured on the National Traffic Information System (e-NaTIS) corresponds with the actual vehicles on South African roads in terms of description, VIN and engine numbers.  Completing this procedure will have some distinct BENEFITS for you.

  • Accurate and up to date paperwork generally results in a higher vehicle market value.
  • Liability can be avoided  for outstanding fines or licence feees of someone else.
  • There will be no complications with the annual renewal of the licence disk.

Three different offices will assist you to complete Police Clearance procedure.

Local Vehicle Registration Office

Microdot Fitment Centre

Local Police Clearance Office

Make sure you call the offices before going and enquire about office hours, which areas they serve and the busiest times of the day.

Decide which option fits your personal situation

Take note of the documentation applicable to each option
Once you have the documentation follow the steps below in order to obtain your Police Clearance

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