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Parts Marking


Hi-jacked and stolen vehicles are taken apart and their parts are sold into the second-hand market. We have identified parts from stolen and hi-jacked vehicles with the use of microdots. More than 50% of the vehicles on South African roads are not microdotted. This creates an opportunity for criminals to trade in stolen parts. In terms of the Second-Hand Goods Act the microdot details must be recorded when second-hand parts are traded – Make sure you are compliant with the law! [Second-hand goods act link on DDSA website]

Our parts marking solutions are designed and customised to meet the needs of the parts suppliers, insurance institutions and vehicle manufacturers.

When trading in replacement parts for vehicles and equipment, do you know if these parts have derived from stolen vehicles?


The market of stolen goods thrives on parts being unidentifiable and therefore not being able to be authenticated and identified and linked to the rightful owner.

  • Genuine manufacturer parts claimed through an insurance process are exchanged for second-hand parts which could be from stolen vehicles.
  • Second-Hand dealers are not recording the microdot details as required by the law.
  • Movement of parts with limited serial numbers are a challenge to manage and require manual processes.
  • Unidentifiable Parts returned to various outlets for credit or exchange.


  • DataDot offers the solution of microdot application so that your parts have a unique identity by marking them with microdots that each contain a unique Pin number, giving an identity that is linked to the rightful owner. As part of our microdot application offering, we add as a standard our TraceDNA element for a further layer of protection.
  • We recommend that all Parts Suppliers make use of the Microdot Technology on all parts sold, to be able to identify the originality of their parts and avoid frivolous returns.
  • Parts Suppliers will be able to easily identify their parts sold into the marketplace.
  • As part of our service offering, we offer a personalised secure database that will link the microdot PIN details to the parts marked per Parts Supplier.

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