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Over 4.5 million vehicles can now be identified!

Over 4.5 million Vehicles Can Now Be Identified!

DataDot Technology South Africa has achieved yet another milestone as it continues to pioneer growth in the microdot industry.

As of May 2019, DataDotSA will have microdotted in excess of 4.5 million vehicles thus securing the identity of more than 80% of microdotted motor vehicles currently on South African roads. Thieves and syndicates are wary of motor vehicles fitted with a microdot system because they know that the vehicle – or any part of it – can be identified through the thousands of tiny dots that cover the vehicle.

DataDotSA started in 2001 in the small town of George in the Western Cape. It would take two years before Avis – DataDotSA’s first client – made the decision to protect their fleet with microdots. Not only did Avis realise a drop in theft, but also an increase in recovery of over 50%. This early success story laid the foundation for microdotting in South Africa and DataDotSA are now the proud supplier to over 75% of the new vehicle market in South Africa. From these early beginnings DataDotSA have stayed true to their core values and deliver a product and service that aids in the fight against crime.

Motor vehicle theft remains the most reported property asset stolen in the majority of Western countries. In a relatively small market – South Africa – the annual cost of vehicle theft is enormous.

DataDotSA has a range of products that are designed to deter theft, counterfeiting and product diversion. The products have features that assist in identifying criminal activities through the identification of stolen assets, which then allows for the return of stolen goods to their rightful owners and potential prosecution of those involved.

In an endeavour to meet customer’s needs more efficiently and effectively and to protect the environment DataDotSA are also proudly ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant.

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