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Over 34,000 meals Distributed to the Vulnerable!

Over 34,000 meals Distributed to the Vulnerable!

Since Lockdown began at the end of March 34,803 meals have been distributed to those in need!

Ishishini Lethu, empowered by DataDot SA is driving the initiative to spread e’Pap to the underprivileged. What’s interesting is that companies can use their B-BBEE Socio Spend whilst contributing to vulnerable segments of the community.

e’Pap is an instant porridge containing the 24 micronutrients and four macronutrients which maximise absorption and bio-efficacy in the human body. It is also available in a spread and drink. e’Pap is made from wholegrain maize and soya beans and vitamins are added into the mixture in a form that the body can easily absorb. The team behind e’Pap is proud that their formulation is rich in Omega fatty acids and all additives are sourced from leading international nutritional technology companies.

Syferfontein is an informal community on the outskirts of George and is one example of where e’Pap has benefitted the 500 families that reside there. The majority of shacks that form the settlement are each approximately 16 m2 in size. Families consisting of about 6-8 members, or sometimes even more, live in each shack trying to survive and make a living. More than 80% of the people living in Syverfontein are unemployed and have had little or no schooling. There is no running water and residents have to make use of a few communal cold water taps available outside. There is also no sewerage system in place and only a few portable toilets available for the entire community.

Debbie Pijoos of God Cares International drives the e’Pap initiative in this community with passion and determination and works tirelessly at achieving her organisation’s goals. She works with each person individually to ensure that everyone becomes self-equipped, has identity documents and has access to social grants and proper medical treatment. She is also actively involved in feeding the community and helping them feed themselves through initiatives like e’Pap and the vegetable project where community members grow their own vegetables. Ishishini Lethu and DataDotSA have had the privilege of assisting her with this.

Help Debbie help others and make your e’Pap donation. It’s easy! Click Here!

For more information visit on e’Pap visit their website : http://www.epap.co.za/

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