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Over 26,000 informal households dotted

Over 26,000 Informal Households Dotted

DataDot have marked and secured over 26,000 informal households through the “Dot What U Got”campaign

in the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal. These houses are prone to burglary and identification is paramount to policing in these areas.

Dotting of valuable items acts as a form of identification and theft deterrence. Valuable items are stolen daily, and most of them recovered by the SAPS are unidentifiable making it difficult for the SAPS to prosecute thieves or return the items to their rightful owners. The SAP 13 store is filled with these stolen items that do not have any identification to trace back to the owner. Dotting valuable assets with DataDot technology will not only assist the SAPS in identifying owners, but it will bring huge relief to individuals whose items are recovered, and the criminal involved prosecuted.

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