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Mining Industry

IDENTIFICATION and AUTHENTICATION Solutions for the Mining Industry

Asset protection, identification and recovery is still a main concern for the mining sector, with the theft of assets, having a direct negative impact on the sector. By securing the identity of assets, using our Microdot Technology, the mine can positively identify the asset should it be stolen and recovered. 


  • Theft of Assets from site and not being able to identify the owner of the asset
  • Monitoring the location of valuable non-powered assets at various sites


  • Asset marking and identification solutions – Secure the identity of equipment through micro-dotting and authenticating the original asset.
  • Create a personalised database that will provide you with access to your micro-dotted assets for your company.
  • Using our TraceDNA element, we are able to add to our UV based adhesive a code which is identified using the DNA Reader.
  • The RFID, Barcoding and QR code solutions, which are customised, for the client to manage the movement of product and assets
  • The micro-dotting of chrome in controlled environments.
  • The micro-dotting of PVC Piping.

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Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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