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Microdotting gives hope to unemployed youth

Microdotting Gives Hope to Unemployed Youth

The Ishishini Lethu Development Centre, is an enterprise development company

that specialises in the expansion of new enterprises and human resources in partnership with Innovative Promotions. They completed a successful “Dot What You Got” microdotting programme in New Dawn Park, George on Monday 21 November 2016.

This programme utilises unemployed youth from a local community and offers them the opportunity to be trained in the process of applying microdots to the valuables of uninsured households, free of charge. Ten local youth members of New Dawn Park were trained and 600 households dotted at no expense to the owners.

These local community members, known as “Experts”, are exposed to sales and marketing strategies and equipped with basic life skills in conjunction with microdot product training. It is hoped that with these newly acquired set of skills, the young people of the community will be given a new confidence to start their own enterprises or finding more meaningful employment.

Microdots are tiny particles, each encoded with a unique number and applied to valuable items with an applicator and adhesive. Thousands of dots are applied at a time, which makes the removal of all dots next to impossible for thieves. When valuable items such as a TV, radio or cell phone are “dotted”, these items are given an identity which allows them to be returned to their rightful owners if found after being stolen.

The New Dawn Park Project was welcomed by Cecil Noble, who heads up the Safety & Security portfolio for the George Municipality because of the positive impact that the project has had on crime deterrence in these areas. The community members of New Dawn were extremely grateful for the visit by the accredited Innovative Promotions “Dot What U Got” Experts, who assisted them in making their valuables safer.

Other successful roll-outs in the townships of Umlazi and KwaMashu in the Durban area, Worcester in the Western Cape, Thembalethu in George and Nyanga in Cape Town have resulted in over 31 000 homes being visited by ‘Dot What U Got’ Experts since the project’s inception in 2013.

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