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Microdots join the fight against crime in Nigeria

Microdots Join the Fight Against Crime in Nigeria

DataDot Technology South Africa, through its authorised distributor, Stallion Motors Nigeria, has introduced microdot technology into Nigeria.

This is as a result of the successes in South Africa in bringing down vehicle theft and reducing the trade of stolen vehicles and parts. Microdots are applied to a vehicle in multiple covert and overt locations giving the vehicle its own DNA.  Microdots are polymer particles 1mm or 0.5mm in diameter and are literally the size of a pin head. Using a special magnifier, the unique information contained on each microdot can be viewed. Once mixed in a special adhesive containing a UV trace, they can be sprayed onto a vehicle or applied onto a bicycle or valuable asset giving it its own identity.

Pavir Singh – Managing Director, Stallion Motors Nigeria, says: “DataDotSA has pioneered microdot technology in Southern Africa since 2001, and today they are being used extensively to protect vehicles and assets. We are excited to introduce this new offering across Nigeria to enhance the positive experience of owning Stallion Motors’ marketed brands of automobiles just as we hope to extend the offer to all other brands sold and marketed by other dealerships.”

He added that the company is in talks with the National Automotive Industry Development Council (NADDC), as well as insurance companies and the Nigerian Police.

Singh has stated that DataDot Microdots are the number one option for theft prevention – “it is virtually impossible to locate let alone remove the microdots making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell micro-dotted assets without the fear of being apprehended.”

He urged motorists, fleet owners, truck and equipment managers to mark their assets with microdots and then link the microdot number and asset to the owner using the DataDot App which allows users to share information, flag stolen vehicles and keep records of vehicle services.

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