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Microdots are successful in exposing a battery scam

Microdots are Successful in Exposing a Battery Scam

The value in applying microdots was once again proved in Cape Town where the application of the dots helped in exposing a battery scam. The owner of a MotoMia Scooter found microdots on the bike’s battery and called our DataDot offices to investigate further.  Our representative in Cape Town immediately linked the number on the microdot to the scooter confirming it’s VIN (vehicle identification) number, make, model, colour and date of fitment.

According to the owner the battery kept on running flat even though the battery supplier claimed that they had replaced the old battery with a new one and had been paid for it by the owner. The microdots, however, were proof that the “new” battery was in fact the “old” one.

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