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Microdot Reveals Tanzanian Vehicle is Stolen

Microdot Reveals Tanzanian Vehicle is Stolen

Whilst presenting a course on microdotting in Tanzania a member from the SAPS HQ International Vehicle Crime Unit recently noticed that the visible VIN in the window of a parked Mercedes Benz ML63 had been tampered with.

The officer, who had been trained in microdot technology by DataDotSA in 2013, managed to remove a DataDot microdot from the vehicle and was then able to establish the true identity of it. Furthermore, he was able to determine that the vehicle was reported as stolen in January 2014 in Kimberley.

The repatriation process will now start in order to bring the vehicle back to South Africa.

To date over 20,000 SAPS officers have been trained in the identification of microdots and over 15,000 identification kits have been supplied to SAPS.

Law Enforcement is vital and together with assistance from DataDotSA the fight against vehicle and asset theft in South Africa continues. DataDotSA work closely with the South African Police Service and are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all South Africans. This can only be achieved by ensuring the SAPS are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify vehicles and assets fitted with microdots. DataDotSA has conducted training across the country involving over 20,000 SAPS members. These include:

  • The Vehicle Identification and Safeguarding (VIS) Unit
  • Detectives of various ranks
  • Cross-Border Personnel at the various ports of entry into South Africa
  • Specialized units such as Organized Crime
  • The Hawks
  • Vehicle Crime Investigators
  • SAPS 13 exhibit store clerks
  • Station Commanders
  • Metro Police

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