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How to reach your B-BBEE levels

How to Reach Your B-BBEE Levels

In order to reach B-BBEE Levels it is critical to achieve 55 points on the B-BBEE scorecard.  One way of doing this is by participating in the Innovative Training Hub’s 5-day Accredited Training Course on


A group of unemployed people embarked on this course at the DataDot Offices in George.  The course was facilitated by Chris Scholtz and sponsored by DataDot SA. The aim of the course is to improve the lives of South Africans by instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in them in order for them to sustain their families. The course covers a variety of topics and participants are taught to, amongst other things, identify entrepreneurial opportunities, look at the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship, analyse the reasons for business failure and evaluate the role of entrepreneurship in social development.

The Innovative Training Hub is an accredited training provider and is an initiative of Ishishini Lethu – an enterprise development company specializing in the development of new enterprises and human capital.  It was established with the aim of creating different business units under one umbrella.  

Enterprise Development contributions made to Ishishini Lethu Development Centre can be claimed by the contributing firm under the Broad Based Economic Empowerment Act (53/2003) : Codes of Good Practice as Gazetted on 11 October 2013, or under the Sector Charter applicable to a contributing firm.  Black Ownership in the entity is more than 51%, therefore the entity automatically qualifies as a Level 2 EME Black Owned Empowering Supplier.

Ishishini Lethu can guarantee getting companies 30 points through Skills, Enterprise and Supplier Development in order to reach B-BBEE levels. Companies who wish to support the training of unemployed people in entrepreneurship need to contact Ishishini Lethu:

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