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How to avoid car jamming

How to Avoid Car Jamming!

Car Jamming is something every South African motorist should know about.

Through the use of a hand-held device car thieves can block the signal from a car and its remote without the motorist knowing – it’s an easy way for the car itself or the valuables in the car to be stolen.  

Unfortunately, insurers do not always provide cover for this type of crime and policies relating to car-jamming vary greatly. In order for a claim to be successful the insurer will in most cases request proof of car-jamming. This can be challenging unless security camera footage can be obtained supporting the claim.

It is an industry norm for an insurer to see visible signs of a forced entry into a car before covering valuables stolen from it. This is due to the fact that expensive portable items such as laptops and phones are high risk, and the responsibility is on the insured to check their car is locked.

How to make sure you are not the next victim:

  1. First and foremost – Make sure your vehicle is locked before walking away from it – it only takes a few seconds.
  2. Make sure that when you leave home or the office you have stowed all laptops or bags in the boot of your vehicle. Do not do this in the parking lot as you are advertising what valuables you have.
  3. Lessen the appeal of your car by placing all valuables in the car out of sight in the cubby hole or under the seats.
  4. Make sure your car can be identified with DataDot Microdots.
  5. Fit the vehicle with additional security systems which include trackers, steering wheel locks, etc.
  6. Do not leave bills, keys or remote controls in the vehicle.

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