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Has your STOLEN vehicle been RECOVERED?

Has Your STOLEN Vehicle Been RECOVERED?

What must you do NOW?

Should you have been notified by the Police (either telephonically or in writing) that your stolen or hijacked vehicle has been recovered we pretty sure you may not know what to do and are dreading the mere thought of the administrative red tape that lies ahead. If you want to avoid the most common pitfalls, then read on….

Let’s deal with the best-case scenario first and assume you are the owner of the vehicle or the title holder. That means the vehicle is registered in your name and has been paid up in full (which makes you the owner) or is still under hire purchase in your name (in which case you are the title holder).

  1. Gather telephonic information and ask the following questions:
  • What is my original Case Number?
  • Who is my original Investigating Officer?
  • What is my Claim number if insured?
  • What is the Pound name of my vehicle?
  • What is the Pound File number?
  • What are the contact details of the Official with the pound file?
  • Was my vehicle found abandoned OR is it in possession of suspect(s)?
  • What damage is there to my vehicle? Is it driveable?
  • Are there any investigations outstanding?
  1. Disseminate the Information
  • Contact & convey all information to:
    • Original Investigating Officer
    • Insurance Company where applicable
    • Tracking Company where applicable
  • Make arrangements to send the information in writing to all parties
  • Make arrangements for a tow- in service where applicable
  • Make an appointment with the Investigating Officer to meet at the pound
  • Ensure the Official with the Pound File is present
  • Has Your STOLEN Vehicle Been RECOVERED
  1. Make a Personal Checklist
  • Proof of identity – Your Green ID Book or new ID Card
  • Proof of ownership – Original Registration Document of the vehicle
  • Write down some unique marks that you will be able to point out on your vehicle when requested
  • Take the spare key of your vehicle with you if possible
  1. Pound Meeting
  • Arrange date and time with the Investigating Officer and Pound Official
  • Confirm that the Disposal Order will be available
  • Identify your vehicle by its unique marks (read up on how microdots aid in the identification of your vehicle)
  • Produce documentation as per step 3
  • Receive Written Authorisation to remove vehicle
  1. Police Clearance

Your vehicle must now go through the official Police Clearance procedure to remove all admin marks on the National Traffic Register. Please refer to our advice on How to Apply for a Police Clearance in South Africa.

Possible Potholes

You are unable to produce a valid registration document for the vehicle

Try to obtain the following:

A written purchase agreement from the lawful owner

A certified document from the bank that finances the vehicle

A letter from the proxy of the vehicle where it’s a company vehicle

Consult the Investigating officer

Your vehicle cannot be released due to outstanding investigation

Try the following:

Give your full cooperation

Negotiate a target date for the completion of the investigation

Establish the nature of outstanding investigation

Try to have your vehicle moved to under roof facilities to minimise devaluation


You may be able to arrange a slightly different pound procedure. The Investigating Officer at the station where the case was investigated may be prepared to hand you the Disposal Order. With this document in your possession, you may be allowed to visit the pound without the presence of the Investigating Officer and meet with the Pound Official only.

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