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Fighting crime one DataDot at a time

Fighting Crime One DataDot at a Time!

DataDot microdots have yet again been instrumental in identifying the true identity of a Toyota Etios, a Mercedes Benz A180 and a Kia Sportage.

The Etios was identified as stolen due to excellent work by one our accredited Datadot Fitment Centres. During a confirmation check Datadot microdots revealed that the information on the microdot did not match the VIN detail on the vehicle. Law enforcement confirmed that the altered detail belonged to a similar vehicle which had been written off and sold on as salvage.

Motorists who become victims of vehicle cloning not only lose their insurance cover on the vehicle, but also have very little chance of retrieving the money paid for the vehicle once it has been confiscated by authorities.

In order to protect yourself when buying a car take note of the following:

  • Always check the vehicle is not stolen or cloned by asking for the microdot status of the car – you can get this from a VehicleFacts report or contact us directly on 044-874-0836
  • Request a Mechanical Inspection Certificate and Vehicle History Report.
  • Avoid paying in cash – Cash payments leave no financial trail.
  • Make sure you have all relevant documents following the purchase of your car:
  • A detailed invoice
  • Proof of Payment
  • All certificates that you have requested i.e. Mechanical Inspection, Vehicle History, Microdot Status
  • A delivery note
  • Licensing papers
  • Proof of insurance

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