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Dealerships can get protection against fraudulent transactions

Dealerships can get Protection against Fraudulent Transactions!

It’s a reality – Motor Dealerships are more frequently becoming victims of fraudulent transactions!

A situation that can be avoided by validating the original identity of the vehicle being traded.

With criminal syndicates continuously obtaining what appears to be legitimate paperwork or information on vehicles, and the economy hitting businesses hard, everyone is looking for a good deal – that deal may however backfire!

In a drive to curb vehicle theft and fraudulent activity all new vehicles sold in South Africa must be microdotted in terms of a 2012 government regulation. These regulations also require a vehicle to be microdotted as part of the police clearance process – typically affecting any second-hand vehicle that has had, for example, a colour or engine change.

VehicleFacts validates the original identity of vehicles being traded even though criminals are now able to obtain what appears to be legitimate paperwork. Additional training gives the Dealership the ability to remove microdots on the vehicle and conduct a physical check against VIN detail before trade in is accepted. This minimises the risk to a dealership of trading in cloned or rebirthed vehicles and simultaneously complies with the Second-Hand Goods Act.

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VehicleFacts is a subsidiary of DataDot Technology SA. Together with its data partners Bid4Cars, CarFind and WePay4Cars the most accurate market related data has been collected providing the Dealerships with peace of mind.

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