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DataDots found on recovered vehicles

DataDots found on Recovered Vehicles

DataDot Technology SA was requested to assist with the identification of 4 vehicles at the Aeroton Pound. All four vehicle identities were tampered with, and the original identifiers had been removed. As such the Police were not able to identify these vehicles through the normal Police process. After a physical inspection was done by DataDot Technology SA staff specialists it was confirmed that all vehicles were fitted with the DataDot Theft and Recovery System and microdots were removed from various locations on the vehicles. DataDot was able to provide the Police with the original and correct chassis numbers for all four vehicles enabling the Police to link them to Police Case Dockets. The combined value of the vehicles is estimated at R800,000

Toyota Hilux – positively identified and linked to Brakpan Case: 205/10/2015

Toyota Fortuner – positively identified and linked to Ravensmead Case: 277/07/2014.

Nissan 1400 pick-up – positively identified and linked to Sandton Case: 1167/10/2015.

Nissan 1400 pick-up – positively identified and linked to Florida Case: 663/11/2012.

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