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DataDot used once again to identify vehicle parts

DataDot Used Once Again to Identify Vehicle Parts

It won’t be the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time that DataDot microdots have been used to identify vehicle parts.

In this case a Toyota Hilux was brought into Dean’s Microdotting Fitment Centre in Mossel Bay. In accordance with DataDot Technology SA’s strict protocols and procedures the vehicle was checked for microdots by the Fitment Centre technicians. The stamped VIN plate indicated that the vehicle was a 2009 model with no microdots being found on the chassis of the vehicle. However, further inspection led to the discovery of DataDot microdots on the brake booster, the engine compartment and on the drive shaft. These microdots were linked back to another vehicle which had been reported stolen. Police are now investigating. Congratulations to all involved. #fightingcrimetogether #IntelligenceThatWorks

Remember when buying a 2nd hand vehicle to follow these steps:

  1. Check that the VIN and chassis numbers of the vehicle match each other and that there is absolutely no evidence (like scratch marks) that these numbers have been tampered with.
  2. Look for microdots on the vehicle to confirm that the VIN or PIN number on the microdot correlates to the VIN number. Should you require help with this simply call DataDot SA on 044 874 0836 for assistance.
  3. Buy your 2nd hand vehicle from a reputable car dealer.
  4. Ensure the used vehicle has a service book and owner’s manual.
  5. Check that the vehicle has two sets of keys and that the keys for the doors and the ignition correlate.
  6. Refuse to buy any vehicle with damaged locks or a damaged ignition system.
  7. Avoid paying cash for a used vehicle, especially when dealing with a private seller who cannot prove that the vehicle is registered in his name and/or fails to prove his place of residence.

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