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DataDot foils car wheel scam

DataDot Foils Car Wheel Scam

Having pioneered microdotting in South Africa we can once again confirm that microdots not only curb theft, but also successfully aid in the recovery of stolen assets. This was the case when we assisted with a Land Rover and Jaguar dealership in a theft that occurred at their premises.

According to the Land Rover and Jaguar dealership, a set of Range Rover Evoque wheels disappeared while the upmarket vehicle was in for a routine service. Fortunately, the vehicle and all its parts had been microdotted with DataDot. “A few weeks later we received an email from a local tyre and wheel supplier saying that they had stock of tyres and rims”, the dealer said. The replacement value of the tyres and rims would normally amount to R60,000 but were advertised as R24,000 by the tyre dealer.

Apart from the suspicious pricing, the dealership suspected the wheels might have microdots applied and contacted DataDot Technology to assist. Closer inspection not only revealed the wheels had multiple microdots visible but that they also matched the exact Vehicles Identification Number (VIN) of the Land Rover Evoque tyres and rims that were stolen.

The discovery of DataDots and the ability to connect tyre with vehicle enabled the South African Police Service to take matters further leading to the arrest of two individuals who sold the R60,000 wheels for a mere R3,500.

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