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Cloned & Stolen Vehicle Found during the Police Operation #OkaeMolao

Cloned & Stolen Vehicle Found during the Police Operation #OkaeMolao

During a recent Police Operation, #OkaeMolao, an abandoned Hyundai H1 Shell was found with all factory identifiers removed. 

DataDot Microdots were found on the vehicle which revealed the Chassis number of the vehicle. The Police  immediately checked the Chassis number on the E-Natis System and established that the Chassis number belonged to a newly registered vehicle. 

Police immediately launched an Investigation Team to ascertain the whereabouts of this vehicle. The vehicle was located and brought back to the scene, where the DataDot Microdots were retrieved from the vehicle and used to establish the original and correct identity of the vehicle and in addition established that the vehicle was actually  stolen and then cloned.

This vehicle was purchased from a Social Media platform.  The unsuspecting owner has now lost close to R200 000 and the vehicle. This once again, demonstrates the risk of buying a vehicle on Social Media without doing the required checks.

In order for consumers to avoid being at risk of purchasing a stolen or cloned motor vehicle, our Accredited DataDot Fitment Centres provide the service of Microdot Confirmation to authenticate the original  identity of any microdotted motor vehicle.

We would like to congratulate and thank the South African Police Services, Tracker SA and DataDot in this joint operation for a job well done.

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