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Business suffers after purchasing a cloned vehicle

Business Suffers After Purchasing A Cloned Vehicle!

Due to vehicle cloning a local businessman trying to make an honest living has lost the vehicle he purchased online and has suffered a huge financial loss.

DataDotSA recently assisted the Insurance Crime Bureau in establishing the correct identity of a Hyundai bakkie by physically checking the DataDot Microdots found on the vehicle.  In doing so it was established that the vehicle whose identity was used on the cloned vehicle in question was originally exported to a neighbouring country and then re-introduced into the country as a cloned vehicle and sold to an unsuspecting South African customer. The DataDot Microdots proved that the cloned vehicle was actually a vehicle hijacked in May 2016 and sold on to an unsuspecting owner of a Garden Service business. The vehicle was insured by a well-known local insurer.

This is once again an example of why consumers should refrain from buying vehicles online and why it is important to avoid Private to Private deals. So how can you – the consumer – avoid making a mistake like this:

Never purchase a vehicle online without checking the true identity of the vehicle. This can be done by easily downloading a #VehicleFacts Report. The report not only gives the average retail value of the vehicle, but it also shows whether or not the vehicle has been microdotted. Once you have established this you can then request a vehicle confirmation by contacting DataDot on 044-874-0836. We will advise you where your nearest accredited microdot fitment centre is. They will do a physical check on the vehicle and provide you with a microdot confirmation certificate.

Alternatively, ALWAYS purchase your vehicle from a reputable motor dealership.

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