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Beware of purchasing imaginary cars online

Beware of purchasing imaginary cars online

Beware of purchasing imaginary cars online

Carte Blanche did an insert on Imaginary Vehicles from online Auctions, on 12 July 2020. Online shopping is becoming the norm, but this comes with some risks. The Carte Blanche insert focuses on unsuspecting individuals who thought that they found a bargain on vehicles via Social Media platform. Soon after parting with their money, they soon found out that they had been scammed. The online auction disappeared as soon as the unlucky buyers paid the money with no vehicle to show. To see more on the story, click on the link below.


Here are some tips to help you avoid being scammed in purchasing an Imaginary Vehicle online: –

Arrange to meet with the seller at his Dealer premises to inspect the vehicle and bring someone along with you.

Request to test drive the vehicle. VehicleFacts Drive has a web-based application used to capture and match a person’s identity using facial recognition technology. This application has been designed to register a prospective client for a test drive and or confirm validity of their driver’s license while also limiting the number of documents to be manually completed.

Verify the ownership of the vehicle to ensure that the person that is selling the vehicle owns the vehicle. This can be done by requesting a copy of the registration documentation pertaining to the vehicle.

VehicleFacts can provide you with a low and high value of the vehicle. Get the free report, click VehicleFacts

VehicleFacts offers a VehicleFacts Certificate & Release product to confirm the VIN number to the Microdot number of the vehicle to ensure that it is not stolen or cloned.

Ask if the vehicle has been Microdotted and if they can provide you with the Microdot Certificate. To check if a vehicle has been Microdotted, contact DataDot to find the nearest Fitment Centre to you to confirm if the vehicle has been Microdotted. Click here for the Police Clearance process. 

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