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Avoid the risk in buying 2nd hand parts

Avoid the Risk in Buying 2nd Hand Parts!

It’s risky buying 2nd Hand Parts in case they are stolen. 

During a recent intelligence driven operation SAPS with the assistance of Tracker, DataDotSA and Recoveri, were able to pounce on a 2nd Hand Scrap Yard Parts Dealer in Johannesburg and make an arrest.

With the use of microdots SAPS were able to recover 13 parts of motor vehicles linked to 12 police cases. In addition, it was found that a vehicle in for repair was fitted with a stolen headlight.  The owner was arrested for receiving stolen property. Once again co-operation between SAPS and the Private Sector is key in fighting vehicle crime.

So the moral of the story is simple – avoid the risk in buying 2nd parts and keep the following in mind:

Microdots can assist in meeting legal obligations important in the second-hand market and prevent you as the buyer being charged as an accomplice or a thief if you are found in possession of suspected stolen goods. Microdots are a “distinguishing mark or feature” on a motor vehicle, on scrap metal or any other second-hand item whether purchased through an auctioneer or a second-hand dealer.


In terms of the Act familiarise yourself with the following:


  • A dealer “must keep a register in the prescribed form and record in the register the prescribed particulars regarding every acquisition or disposal of second-hand goods.”
  • The particulars must include “a description of the second-hand goods and serial number or distinguishing mark or feature of the second-hand goods”

Motor Vehicles

  • A motor vehicle dealer “dealing in second-hand motor vehicles must also record in the prescribed register the particulars regarding every acquisition or disposal of a motor vehicle”

The particulars are to “include any distinguishing mark or feature, such as microdot particulars.”

Communication Equipment

  • A dealer “dealing in second-hand communication equipment must also record in the prescribed register the particulars regarding every acquisition or disposal of communication equipment” .  The particulars are to include “any other distinguishing mark or feature, including serial number.”

So remember ….. Second-hand dealers are required by law to keep proper records of the goods in their possession.

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