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Another Dealership fooled into buying a cloned vehicle

Another Dealership is Fooled into Buying a Cloned Vehicle!

To avoid being conned into buying a cloned vehicle Dealerships need to be able to validate the original identity of the vehicle being traded.  

A local dealership recently bought a K2700 commercial vehicle from a business.  All the necessary checks were completed, and the vehicle was then sold on to a new owner in October 2018. However, during a routine service the dealership noticed that the vehicle – according to its records – had already had its 50,000 km service in Namibia. DataDot Technology SA were called in to investigate and confirm the original identity of the vehicle through the use of microdots.

The team were able to confirm that the vehicle was indeed a cloned vehicle due to the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) not matching the information on the microdot. Law enforcement have now seized the vehicle and impounded it.

So, what happens now to the dealership and the new owner?

The Dealership will have to claim the purchase price from the business who originally sold them the vehicle – that is – if the business actually exists.

The new owner will lose their insurance cover on the vehicle and will have to lodge a claim against the Dealership.

Is there a way to prevent further fraudulent transactions?

VehicleFacts is a subsidiary of DataDot Technology SA. Through the use of an online system and hands on training Dealerships are able to validate the original identity of the vehicle being traded. This minimises the risk to a dealership of trading in cloned or rebirthed vehicles and simultaneously complies with the Second-Hand Goods Act.

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