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5 Ways to help combat trailer theft

5 Ways to Help Combat Trailer Theft!

Trailer theft in South Africa is a reality and whether you use your trailer for recreational purposes or for business you need to ensure that it is secure and that you know where it is.

Give yourself peace of mind when it comes to your trailer and take note of these 5 handy tips.

Place a tracking device on the trailer.

The Oyster Tracking Device can be placed anywhere on the trailer. This rugged, compact tracking device allows you to track the location of non-powered, exposed assets where long battery life is essential. It is therefore a perfect device for trailers. What’s more it is not a permanent fixture and can be moved depending on your requirements.

Make sure you can identify your trailer.

Caravan and trailer VIN numbers are etched or engraved on a plate that’s normally attached to the A-frame and is easily removable. Besides this and the registration licence, there are no other ways of identifying a stolen trailer or caravan. The application of microdots makes it easier to identify stolen trailers once they have been recovered and is legally a means of identification. Thieves find it impossible to remove all the microdots that have been applied to the trailer in strategic positions.

Record your trailer information.

Take pictures of your trailer and file it together with other relevant information somewhere safe. The DataDot App, which can be downloaded for free on Google Play or the Apple Store, allows the owner of a trailer to create a register of information pertaining to assets.

Store your trailer in a safe place.

Ensure you have a safe place to store your trailer and that there is sufficient lighting at night. You may even decide to make use of a security post. These need to be set in concrete and have an internal locking mechanism. Alternatively, if you are out on the road use a heavy-duty cable to secure the trailer frame to a fixed object.

Invest in wheel and hitch locks.

Don’t assume that just because a trailer is hitched to a vehicle that it is safe. Use a hitch lock to lock the trailer to the tow bar and invest in a wheel clamp. Universal and adjustable wheel clamps are a good investment. Remember to also cover the wheel nuts.

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