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Seshego Pound Cleanup

DataDot Microdots pivotal in re-uniting vehicles to the value of R1.9 million with their owners.

During 13th – 24th February 2023, a pound clean-up was held at Seshego SAPS 13 Camp, in Polokwane, Limpopo.  During this period fourteen vehicles, with cases numbers dating back as far as 2014, were identified with the use of DataDot Microdots.  Nine of these vehicles were not insured and were handed back to the original owners, who were delighted.

Santam, OUTSurance, Old Mutual, Telesure and, MiWay Insurance companies were the ecstatic owners of 5 of these Microdot-identified vehicles.  Most of the vehicles, being NP200’s, have either been stolen or hi-jacked. One cloned vehicle was also identified.  This vehicle was sold by a reputable Dealership to an unsuspecting client who now has to go through the process to obtain another vehicle. The suggested monetary value of the vehicles identified amounts to an estimate of R1 924 147 million.

This once again proves the value of DataDot Microdots to re-unite vehicles with their owners. If you have a vehicle and cannot afford insurance, then consider to have your vehicle fitted with DataDot Microdots if not yet fitted at any of our DataDot Accredited Fitment Centres near you

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