DataDot Protection Guarantee

Introduction of the DataDot Protection Guarantee


  • As a result of statistical evidence proving the effectiveness of DataDot, DataDot South Africa is in a position to guarantee its product.

From When?

  • The DataDot Protection Guarantee has been introduced to vehicles fitted from the 1st of September 2012.

Qualifying Conditions

  • Vehicles that have been DataDotted by relevant manufacturers from a certain start date.
  • All vehicles accepted onto the DataDot Protection Guarantee Register
  • The vehicle must have current theft cover through a registered Insurance Company in South Africa

Registration Process

  • The owner E-mails: with their name, contact details, VIN number & copy of registration document OR fills in and submits the registration form below.
  • The call centre will establish whether that vehicle has been fitted and whether it qualifies for the Protection Guarantee and respond.
  • A certificate of Guarantee is sent to the vehicle owner via e-mail or post as confirmation of Registration.

Please complete and submit the form below to ensure registration of your DataDot protection Guarantee:

Please complete the blocks below and send detail to ensure registration of your DataDot Protection Guarantee:

(fields marked with * are required)

Personal Details






Vehicle Details (as per reg. doc)






  • In an event giving rise to a claim, the vehicle owner must contact the Administrator within 30 days
  • As soon as the owner’s insurance company settles his theft claim and the relevant proof of settlement is sent to the Administrator, R2000 will be paid to the claimant.
  • The Administrator can be contacted at:, or 0861 328 236

Other Conditions

  • The vehicle must be DataDotted as per the specifications of DataDot Technology
  • The vehicle is guaranteed under this program for a period of 1 year (12 months) after the date of purchase.
  • The person who registers must be the registered legal owner of the vehicle
  • A written claim is filed with the vehicles owner's Insurance Company, and such a claim is not reflected or otherwise contested by the insurer.
  • The owner's claim to DataDot protection Guarantee expires six (6) months from the date that gave rise to the claim.

Contact Details

Please contact DataDot on 0861-DATADOT or 0861-328-2368 or

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