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Agriculture Industry

IDENTIFICATION and AUTHENTICATION Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

The agricultural sector is vital to the growth of the economy of South Africa and to continue in feeding and sustaining the ever-growing population. Farmers face environmental and climate changes which impact on their crop and production outputs; thus, they cannot further be challenged with crop and equipment losses due to crime.

DataDot Technology SA has various solutions aimed at assisting the agricultural sector and the farming communities in protecting their assets from theft and other criminal activities.


  • The market of stolen goods thrives on assets being unidentifiable and therefore not being able to be authenticated and identified and linked to the rightful owner. When farming tools and equipment are stolen, proving that the asset belongs to the owner is not always possible resulting in the stolen assets never being returned.
  • Insured assets are replaced but Insurance costs increase, and the thieves are never identified and prosecuted.
  • Farms in various parts of South Africa are large, and thus equipment and tools are placed at various positions on the farm out of the constant watchful eye of the farmer making these susceptible to theft.


  • DataDot offers the solution of microdot application so that your equipment and tools have a unique identity by marking them with microdots that each contain a unique Pin number, giving an identity that is linked to the rightful owner. As part of our microdot application offering, we add as a standard our TraceDNA element for a further layer of protection.
  • Authentication solutions to counteract counterfeiting of seeds and produce.
  • Micro-dotting of Macadamia and Pecan nuts
  • Micro-dotting of farming equipment, such as, tools, irrigation systems and farm implement.

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Operating Hours:

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