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5 million vehicles marked

5 million vehicles marked

5 million vehicles have officially been Marked and Secured by DataDot Technology South Africa.

The requirement for the compulsory microdot fitment of new and imported vehicles, together with those requiring Police Clearance, has been part of South African Legislature for just over 8 years since September 2012.

DataDot Technology SA has achieved the milestone of being the first microdot manufacturer in South Africa to fit the microdot identification solution to 5 million vehicles. The solution assists Law Enforcement in the fight against vehicle crime. The solution entails fitting at least 10 000 microdots to a vehicle with each microdot containing unique information on each microdot which is between 0.5mm and 1mm in size.

We thank all our Valued Stakeholders which includes our OEM partners, Accredited Fitment Centres, South African Police Services and other Law Enforcement Agencies in this great achievement.

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