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20 Ways to protect your home

20 Ways to Protect your Home

Household robberies continue to plague South Africa and public holidays provide a window of opportunity for criminals.

In addition, the high proportion of items stolen without serial numbers makes it difficult for law enforcement agents to link stolen property recovered, when an arrest is made, to the crimes committed.

Use these tips to help protect your home:

  1. MARK your valuable goods. DataDot manufactures various home products depending on the requirements of you – the customer. In each case microdots are brushed onto various locations on the valuable item. The microdots are almost invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected by using a UV light and magnifying device. It’s virtually impossible to locate and remove all the microdots, making it extremely difficult for thieves to sell your property without fear of being caught. Warning stickers and a warning board act as a further deterrent.
  2. Download the DataDot App and link the unique code on each DataDot to each item. The DataDot App can be accessed by the SAPS if your property is stolen.
  3. Make it as hard as possible to break in. Intruders will target properties where there are minimal signs of security.
  4. Bushes, shrubs and foliage offer intruders a place to hide and conceal signs of a break-in. Make sure you cut back any overgrown bushes or shrubs so that your home is visible to neighbours and passersby.
  5. Use blinds or curtains to keep high value household items out of sight. Burglary can be prevented if intruders are not tempted by what they see inside your home.
  6. Be wary of what you throw out as garbage. Boxes from new flat screen televisions, DVD machines, computers or other expensive electronics show potential intruders what has been purchased and what is in the house.
  7. Ensure you have sufficient lighting at night making it difficult for an intruder to move around your property without being seen.
  8. Invest in motion-sensing security – this may take the form of lighting or alarms. Both result in the intruder being startled and the homeowner being alerted. While you at it timers on the lighting inside and outside the home will give the appearance that you are at home.
  9. Ensure all your ground floor doors have adequate locks and that your windows have quality burglar bars.
  10. Make sure you lock your doors and windows when you leave your property. In addition, make sure you lock your doors when are at home.
  11. Do not leave anything in the garden that may assist with a break in, such as ladders, gardening tools, etc.
  12. Buy a dog! Besides being a tremendous companion they are also excellent deterrents.
  13. Ensure your family and workers in the home identify visitors before letting them in to the property.
  14. Invest in a wall or fence around your property.
  15. Do not let anyone besides friends and neighbours know you are away. In addition ask neighbours and friends to check on your property from time to time and remove post or advertising hand-outs from the entrance of your property.
  16. Arrange with a neighbour or friend to place your garbage outside on your collection day. A break in garbage routine can alert intruders that you are away.
  17. Always answer your intercom or bell. Intruders may check first if there is anyone at home.
  18. Do not leave keys in the same place. Make sure you rotate the hiding places.
  19. Make sure you do not leave keys to your vehicle visible. Make sure they are hidden away. In fact make sure all your keys are out of sight.
  20. Join your neighbourhood watch and actively help in the fight against crime.

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